BarCamp Nashville 2014 Recap

I am so happy to have attended this year’s BarCamp Nashville! It was another fantastic BarCamp – perhaps even one of the best I have been to.

I first came to BarCamp back in 2009. It was such a thrilling experience back then in what used to be Cadillac Ranch (now Tequila Cowboy). It was such a cool atmosphere (back when I was in high school!) to see all of these designers, developers, and content creators all sharing high quality information with people they don’t even know! Continue reading BarCamp Nashville 2014 Recap

John Oliver on Civil Forfeiture

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO or clips on YouTube, go watch now! As John Oliver always does, he explains and describes the problem humorously but with loads of honesty to make you stop and question some things. The clip even includes a Tennessean featured on News Channel 5 who had thousands seized by police without any crimes being committed. Continue reading John Oliver on Civil Forfeiture


Development Tools I Could Never Live Without

At Rare Assembly, I am currently the only developer. Of course that means I get to wear more than one developer hat! A typical day involves a bit of systems administration, plenty of front end development (with HTML, SASS and JavaScript/jQuery), and a good chunk of the day spent writing functional, logical code when building WordPress themes and plugins.

Every modern day web developer probably has most of these tools under their belt, but if you are a developer and you aren’t using some of these, there may be good chance you are wasting more time than you could possibly realize.

I rely on many of these (almost all open source) tools to get me through the daily grind that is web development. I value all of these tools equally, as they all make my developer life far more simple. Continue reading Development Tools I Could Never Live Without


New Rare Assembly Site Now Live!

The new Rare Assembly site was pushed live yesterday, and we’ve enjoyed a very smooth launch so far! We have been tirelessly working on this site over the past few months. We have made so many changes, knowing that we couldn’t compromise on our own brand. As always, Micah Jones did a fantastic job designing the site. We have all worked relentlessly on perfecting the aesthetic, the copy, and the code. Continue reading New Rare Assembly Site Now Live!

Scientists Map Our Supercluster, and it is Beautiful

A Hawaiian research team has come up with a new technique that maps the Universe according to the flow of galaxies across space. The team has redefined our home supercluster and dubbed it Laniakea, which means ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiian.

I truly find the vastness of our universe magnificent – every day we discover more and more how incredibly small we are. I don’t see how we could possibly be alone.