WP Event Organiser

Over the past few years, I have worked on a number of sites requiring an events feed of some type. Rather recently, I decided to give WP Events Organiser a shot and have found it is a very simple but powerful plugin.

I have followed Stephen Harris (the plugin developer) on Twitter for some time and became aware of his great development skills after going through some informative posts on his personal site / blog.

Personally, I like taking advantage of the many built-in functions and hooks the plugin has. It makes manipulating and formatting the event data very easy. The plugin even has its own codex and very much comes in handy.

All in all, if you’re looking for a solid events plugin, I’d say give this one a shot.

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A few weeks ago, I scored an incredible deal on a plane ticket to Denver, Colorado. The price was so unreal, I briefly considered that it might be a bug with Google flights. It was no joke though, it really was non stop, direct flights for only $40 round trip! It was perhaps the single greatest steal I have ever come across. I have wanted to take a trip out west for a while now, as it had been since I was 13 or 14 that I visited anywhere west of Houston. The Smokies are my go to nature spot lately, but the opportunity to see some real mountains for so damn cheap was too exciting to turn down! Visiting Colorado has genuinely made me start to ask if I want to live somewhere other Nashville or Tennessee. Almost entirely because it is the mountains are unbelievably gorgeous. These are some of my favorite shots from the trip. I took a train up to Glenwood Springs from Denver, and riding through the snow-capped Rocky Mountains is a memory I will now cherish forever.

Introducing MaterialPress – A Material Design WordPress Theme

Lately I have been doing so much theme development, it’s pretty much almost all I do every single day. And I love doing it, but I never get to share my work or my code nearly as much as I would like to. For so long, I have wanted to be able to give back to open source in some way, and today I’m happy to say I am sharing a project with you all that I am having a blast working on so far.

I give to you, MaterialPress

MaterialPress is a WordPress theme, influenced heavily by Google’s Material Design philosophy. I love literally everything about material design. Ever since Google started making slight improvements to Gmail’s interface back in 2010 and 2011, I knew Google would begin to pave the way for the future of interactive software design. MaterialPress may look familiar, and that is because some of you have already seen Materialize, a Sass / Javascript front-end framework, which MaterialPress uses extensively.

With MaterialPress, my goal is to take that front-end framework one step further for us Pressers, by bringing these styles and interactions into a simple and easy to use WordPress theme.

MaterialPress is in extreme infancy, (I literally had the idea just a few days ago), so I am looking forward to adding more to make this a quality open source WordPress theme for those of us who love and appreciate Google’s new aesthetic.

Follow development updates on Github, or on the MaterialPress website, materialpress.me