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The Creative Process

With the rise of the digital design age along with the rise of design blogs, I have noticed something that makes me cringe. No longer does anyone talk about the creative process. It honestly makes me feel pretty upset. Great design doesn’t come from a machine. Great design comes from the human mind, and that is one thing that many design blogs do not teach.

There are loads of amateur designers and design bloggers, who haven’t been trained with the creative process. I don’t blame them for not knowing, but it’s something that I personally feel needs to be taught to anyone who wants to pursue a career in design.

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Design is Beautiful

I like to think that some of the ideas I have are unique. I like to think of things and hope I’m the only one who has ever thought of them. I also think, and hope, many of the ideas that I have are shared by others. These ideas sometimes are a side effect of day dreaming. Goals, hopes, and dreams for the future. Not just goals, hopes, and dreams for myself. For the world. I have them for the entire human race. The landing of the Mars rover, Curiosity, made me feel like some of the dreams I have are a reality, and others are very possible to becoming a reality.

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Interview: Andrew Kim, Minimally Minimal

Andrew Kim, Minimally Minimal: Recently, I found a blog by a young, extremely gifted designer. Titled MinimallyMinimal the blog is ran by Andrew Kim, a student at Art Center College of Design. What caught my attention was Andrew’s incredible eye for detail, such as his post on rebranding Microsoft.

Andrew has a passion for all types of design. His blog proves that. Constantly updated with new self created projects, such as his mobile clock experiment and Toyota Prius navigation system design, his motivation and work ethic made me want to try and create new projects for myself the way he does.