Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Creative Process

With the rise of the digital design age along with the rise of design blogs, I have noticed something that makes me cringe. No longer does anyone talk about the creative process. It honestly makes me feel pretty upset. Great design doesn’t come from a machine. Great design comes from […]

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Design is Beautiful

I like to think that some of the ideas I have are unique. I like to think of things and hope I’m the only one who has ever thought of them. I also think, and hope, many of the ideas that I have are shared by others. These ideas sometimes […]

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Interview: Andrew Kim, Minimally Minimal

Andrew Kim, Minimally Minimal: Recently, I found a blog by a young, extremely gifted designer. Titled MinimallyMinimal the blog is ran by Andrew Kim, a student at Art Center College of Design. What caught my attention was Andrew’s incredible eye for detail, such as his post on rebranding Microsoft. Andrew has a passion […]

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