Latest Listening: The Last Thing You Forget by Title Fight

I’ve been really into all sorts of new music lately. One album I’ve become really quite fond of is The Last Thing You Forget by Title Fight. Punk with a little bit of pop, fast drums and guitar riffs, it couldn’t be any more awesome.

I’m pretty late to the game when it comes to actually being into this band. It took me a while, since their sound was pretty different from what I typically listened to. The music itself is incredible though, because you feel it. It’s not just beats and lyrics. It’s hardly either of those things. It’s the raw sound, the feeling you get with the music that makes me enjoy it so much.

Listen and enjoy.

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I Have a New Obsession.

Photo by Brett Jordan, Flickr Creative Commons

Over the last couple years, the idea of riding a two-wheeled vehicle to take me to my destinations has appealed to me more and more. I have gone from just wanting to save some money to really appreciating the design and craftsmanship of motorcycles, and in particularly, café racers.

When I first started wanting to get a motorcycle, it was a couple months after owning my parent’s (first generation) 2004 Mazda 3 full-time. I went to school and Franklin, drove to Spring Hill to see my girlfriend, and went to both of my jobs in Cool Springs. The idea of driving somewhere so efficiently really appealed to me (70-90mpg is a heck of a lot better than 26mpg).