Monthly Archives: September 2013

Valve is Saving Gaming With SteamOS

Today, Valve announced SteamOS, a brand new Linux based operating system for bringing your Steam library into the living room. As my friends and Twitter pals know, I’m a pretty serious gamer. However, the last few months have been lackluster in my personal gaming life. In 2013, we’ve seen some […]

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Thoughts On iOS 7

Alex Patin, Thoughts on iOS7

When I first picked up an iPhone, Apple just released the iPhone 4S, alongside with iOS 5. I spent the previous year and a half or so using a crumbling, scratched, dated Blackberry Curve 8330. When the iPhone finally came in the mail, I was so incredibly excited. My dad […]

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Road Trip

My buddy Riley Carroll and I took a road trip to Atlanta and back home in a day. We went to see two of our favorite bands, Balance and Composure and Title Fight. It was a great trip.

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