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Valve is Saving Gaming With SteamOS

Today, Valve announced SteamOS, a brand new Linux based operating system for bringing your Steam library into the living room. As my friends and Twitter pals know, I’m a pretty serious gamer. However, the last few months have been lackluster in my personal gaming life. In 2013, we’ve seen some incredible titles such as Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, and most recently GTAV have . I’ve had the opportunity to play those games and I’ve really enjoyed them, however, they are probably the last console games I will ever buy.

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Thoughts On iOS 7

When I first picked up an iPhone, Apple just released the iPhone 4S, alongside with iOS 5. I spent the previous year and a half or so using a crumbling, scratched, dated Blackberry Curve 8330. When the iPhone finally came in the mail, I was so incredibly excited. My dad and I got our new phones activated and I started browsing the web, downloading apps, and messing around with the brand new Siri.

That was two years ago, and for me, iOS has been getting stale. A few months ago I picked up a Nexus 7. It was my first Android device – I bought it because I knew it was manufactured by Asus, a quality computer manufacturer, and Google had just released the new Jelly Bean update. I fell in love with pretty much everything about the Nexus and Android as an OS. It’s open. I can install any app I want to outside of Google’s ecosystem. Jelly Bean has a modern and pretty fresh UI, with a nice blend of ‘flat’ and ‘skuemorphic’ design. Jelly Bean was so impressive to me, I have even been considering an Android based phone as my next device. But for now, I’m using a 4S with iOS 7, and it’s a refreshing take on Apple’s previous interface.