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Design is Beautiful

I like to think that some of the ideas I have are unique. I like to think of things and hope I’m the only one who has ever thought of them. I also think, and hope, many of the ideas that I have are shared by others. These ideas sometimes are a side effect of day dreaming. Goals, hopes, and dreams for the future. Not just goals, hopes, and dreams for myself. For the world. I have them for the entire human race. The landing of the Mars rover, Curiosity, made me feel like some of the dreams I have are a reality, and others are very possible to becoming a reality.

I mean, can you believe it? The fine people at NASA have managed to land a spacecraft on a planet 36 million miles away, and not only do that, but have also managed to do it with perfection, giving us a glimpse of a planet’s surface in a view we have never before seen. Being a designer, a lot of what I believe in goes hand in hand with a principal of good design: timelessness. Good design is timeless. I want the future to be a place that values design and not just the aesthetics of design, but the beautiful engineering and function that goes behind so much of the design we use today.

It is truly an amazing experience to see how a designer sketches and produces the very chair or desk you are using, or perhaps the ergonomically designed pen you are writing with. Or even a rover destined to make a one way trip from Earth to Mars in order for us to understand our place in the universe just a little bit more.

Everything around us is designed. From God’s design to man’s design, there is no escaping the beauty of design. I hope that one day, humanity will become advanced enough to appreciate design in a greater sense. It is something I value so very much. If I could get all of the people I love to see design the way I do, I think the rest of my dreams would just fall into place.

Design is beautiful.

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