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Introducing MaterialPress – A Material Design WordPress Theme

Lately I have been doing so much theme development, it’s pretty much almost all I do every single day. And I love doing it, but I never get to share my work or my code nearly as much as I would like to. For so long, I have wanted to be able to give back to open source in some way, and today I’m happy to say I am sharing a project with you all that I am having a blast working on so far.

I give to you, MaterialPress

MaterialPress is a WordPress theme, influenced heavily by Google’s Material Design philosophy. I love literally everything about material design. Ever since Google started making slight improvements to Gmail’s interface back in 2010 and 2011, I knew Google would begin to pave the way for the future of interactive software design. MaterialPress may look familiar, and that is because some of you have already seen Materialize, a Sass / Javascript front-end framework, which MaterialPress uses extensively.

With MaterialPress, my goal is to take that front-end framework one step further for us Pressers, by bringing these styles and interactions into a simple and easy to use WordPress theme.

MaterialPress is in extreme infancy, (I literally had the idea just a few days ago), so I am looking forward to adding more to make this a quality open source WordPress theme for those of us who love and appreciate Google’s new aesthetic.

Follow development updates on Github, or on the MaterialPress website,

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    1. Hey Brad! So cool to see we had the same idea! I initially was thinking for going with Underscores, but am leaning more towards as I have been thinking about it.

      Anyway, great work so far! I will be sure to follow the project on GitHub!

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