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MP6 2.1 Update Available

WordPress MP6 UI Update

Yesterday the experimental future WordPress UI plugin, known as MP6, released a brand new update. This update continues to polish the WordPress interface, making minor visual improvements the menu, tweaking icons, and adding new color schemes. You can see in the screenshot I’m using the new ‘Midnight’ color scheme – there are a number of color schemes to choose from with MP6, some much more vibrant than others.

I personally like things subtle – a touch of color here and there. This is something I grew accustomed to as the WordPress interface matured over the years, so obviously the less vibrant and more simple color schemes are my preferred ones.

One thing MP6 succeeds at is creating contrast where necessary. For example, as I write this post, the “Posts” menu label is highlighted, with “Add New” bolded – this is a fantastic way of sharing a user what screen they are currently viewing. It’s simple and extremely intuitive.

The rest of the UI reminds me of some of the more recent Google + Android interface decisions. WordPress’s “boxes”, for lack of a better word, are now similar to Google Plus’s profile page, with each box being semi-shaded, giving it a card like look. This is so appealing to me – everyone working on it has contributed in such a way that WordPress will continue to remain a top player on the web.

Having a strong user-friendly interface is part of what made WordPress so successful today. I’m anxiously awaiting another update for this plugin, and very excited for it to be released into core. I guarantee that you will enjoy your WordPress experience much more when you start using this interface.

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