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Thoughts On iOS 7

When I first picked up an iPhone, Apple just released the iPhone 4S, alongside with iOS 5. I spent the previous year and a half or so using a crumbling, scratched, dated Blackberry Curve 8330. When the iPhone finally came in the mail, I was so incredibly excited. My dad and I got our new phones activated and I started browsing the web, downloading apps, and messing around with the brand new Siri.

That was two years ago, and for me, iOS has been getting stale. A few months ago I picked up a Nexus 7. It was my first Android device – I bought it because I knew it was manufactured by Asus, a quality computer manufacturer, and Google had just released the new Jelly Bean update. I fell in love with pretty much everything about the Nexus and Android as an OS. It’s open. I can install any app I want to outside of Google’s ecosystem. Jelly Bean has a modern and pretty fresh UI, with a nice blend of ‘flat’ and ‘skuemorphic’ design. Jelly Bean was so impressive to me, I have even been considering an Android based phone as my next device. But for now, I’m using a 4S with iOS 7, and it’s a refreshing take on Apple’s previous interface.